• FAQs


    Q. What is counselling?
    A. Counselling is designed to help you build more awareness what is happening for you and what you can do.

    Q. What do I expect in the first session?
    A. The first session is designed to explore your concerns and develop a goal for therapy.

    Q. Is there any risk to counselling?
    A. Some individuals may temporarily feel more distressed when talking about their problems in the beginning but they soon learn effective ways to deal with them.

    Q. What if I don’t get better as I didn’t by seeing many other psychologists and therapists in the past?
    A. We use before-and-after session testing to measure your progress as well as your therapist’s performance to adjust our approach.

    Q. How is counselling help me achieve happiness?
    A. Happiness is not necessary a condition but rather a perception. We help individuals to develop a more flexible, realistic and healthy mindset to view hardship with different perception.

    Q. What if I run out of insurance and can’t afford after a few sessions?
    A. We will never want any of our clients to drop out due to the financial issues without getting better. Therefore, we offer sliding scales to work with your budget to ensure you get the result you hope for.