Take Control of Your Life With Grit

Mental Health Counselling and Assessments in Calgary, Airdrie,  Red Deer, and Edmonton.

Some people seek mental health counselling in order to overcome a difficult past, while others may want to develop better coping skills, improve their relationship, or simply to be more mindful. Our team of therapists are trained to help you get through tough times, improve yourself and provide you with valuable skills to help you navigate life's challenges.

Psychological Assessments

Assessments consist of a series of tests for the purpose of making a diagnosis and providing treatment.

Individual Counselling

Work with a trained therapist to develop the skills, strength and resilience to overcome adversity.

Children's Counselling

Young children require a different approach to counselling to help them articulate their experiences.

Family Counselling

We provide a safe space for families to openly share their thoughts, feelings, needs and experiences.

Couples Counselling

Therapy can help couples improve communication, build trust, spark intimacy and strengthen bonds.

Online Counselling

Receive all the benefits of counselling from the comfort of your own home with secure virtual counselling.

Take Control Of Your Life With Grit

Learn to manage your


Learn valuable emotional regulation skills to help you manage feelings of anger, sadness, stress, and anxiety.

Fall in love with


Take the steps to care for yourself and give yourself the time to heal, build confidence, and develop resilience.

Ready to work on your


Work with your partner to strengthen your relationship by building trust, communication and intimacy.

Feel supported through


It is during the hardest times that we seek company from others. Let us be there for you during your difficult times.

Take the first steps to get


Gain valuable skills and strategies to stay focused, get organized, be productive and feel motivated!

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