ADHD Assessments

ADHD is a neuro-developmental disorder that can affect a child throughout their entire childhood and even into adulthood. Characterized by poor attention and hyperactivity, the symptoms of ADHD can often interfere with everyday activities such as studying, working, relaxing and sleeping. Children as young as three years old may show signs of ADHD, although the symptoms often don’t surface consistently until around age 6 or 7. While some children may grow out of the disorder after reaching adolescence, others may still have symptoms well into adulthood.

People living with ADHD often have difficulties attending to their schoolwork and have a hard time concentrating, sitting still, focusing and engaging in leisure activities. If you suspect that you or your child might have ADHD, it would be beneficial to receive a professional ADHD assessment by an experienced health professional. An assessment will allow you to access academic support and appropriate psychological care as well as additional resources to help improve functioning and quality of life.

Adult ADHD Assessment

Adults with ADHD may have been struggling with the condition all along, but have never been professionally assessed as children. Although the symptoms of adults with ADHD may not be as clear as they are with children, the main characteristics of inattention and/or hyperactivity are still present. There are many benefits of obtaining an ADHD assessment. Adults who get diagnosed with ADHD can feel relief, validation and learn more about themselves. They will also be able to seek out appropriate psychological and psychiatric care that is specific to their needs.

Signs of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD)

Easily Distracted

Those with ADHD may find themselves being easily distracted by nearby conversations, different sounds, visuals, movements, and other external or internal stimuli.


From forgetting important deadlines to misplacing their keys, people with ADHD are considerably more forgetful than the average individual which can make staying organized difficult.

Interrupts others

Individuals with ADHD may sometimes impulsively interrupt others by blurting out responses, making disruptive sounds or finishing other people's sentences for them.

Poor Time Management

Those with ADHD often struggle to manage their time, which explains a common tendency to procrastinate in starting projects and the higher likelihood of missing important deadlines.

Inattention to Details

Because of the nature of the disorder, people with ADHD may find themselves struggling with picking up on finer details.


From fidgeting, to tapping, an inability to stay still may be indicative of a hyperactive individual with ADHD.

Disruptive Behaviour

Both children and adults with ADHD alike may find themselves facing more criticism at their place of school or work due to their impulsive hyperactivity.

Emotional Outbursts

Most commonly observed in children with ADHD, emotional outbursts and anger boil up as the individual becomes increasingly frustrated.
Consider an ADHD assessment if any of the following situations apply:
  • Many symptoms of ADHD resonate.
  • Extreme difficulty maintaining concentration.
  • Inability to wait for long or be patient.
  • A close relative was diagnosed with ADHD.
  • A psycho-educational assessment indicated potential ADHD
  • A general feeling that ADHD explains your situation.
  • Previous diagnosis of anxiety or depression.

ADHD Assessment Providers

Gavin Leslie

Gavin Leslie

Provisional Psychologist
$180-200 per hour
Direct billing to Alberta Blue Cross and ASEBP
Gavin works with individuals (13+) living with anxiety, depression, trauma (PTSD), low self esteem, disordered eating, grief, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), work concerns and chronic health issues.
Rameen Kargger

Rameen Kargger

Registered Psychologist
$200 per hour
Rameen offers assessments and counselling for couples and individuals with relationship issues, anxiety, depression, trauma, self-esteem, phobias, OCD, and much more.
Not accepting new patients
Kyle Dyck

Kyle Dyck

Registered Psychologist
$220 per hour
Kyle provides assessments and counselling for trauma, PTSD, grief, insomnia, pain, stress, anxiety, depression, gender identity, sexuality, ADHD, autism, life transitions, and more.
Shaheena Kassam

Shaheena Kassam

Registered Psychologist
$220 per hour
Shaheena offers assessments and counselling for children, youths, and their families, as well as adults, to help them with anxiety, depression, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other behavioural or social challenges.

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