Counselling for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Do you find yourself or your loved one frequently getting distracted, missing deadlines, talking over others, or feel restless? These may be indicative of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, commonly referred to as ADHD is a relatively common neuro-developmental disorder that is characterized by patterns of inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity that interferes with day to day activities such as studying, working, relaxing and sleeping. ADHD can become apparent in children as young as 3 years old, and will most often persist throughout their childhood, adolescence, and even into adulthood.  By receiving a professional ADHD assessment, along with compassionate counselling, a person with ADHD can learn to develop their strength, cope with their difficulties, and gain access to additional resources to help improve functioning and quality of life.

Primarily Inattentive

Individuals with this kind of ADHD especially struggle with focusing, paying attention to details, and memory-based skills. Symptoms of primarily inattentive ADHD include an inattention to details, lack of time management, and trouble focusing in school or work settings.

Primarily Hyperactive

Unlike inattentive ADHD, individuals with this kind of ADHD struggle with controlling their behaviours and managing impulsivity. Symptoms of this include being unable to stay still for long periods of time, constant fidgeting, a tendency to interrupt others, etc.

Inattentive and Hyperactive

Individuals whose ADHD is both inattentive and hyperactive experience a combination of both types of ADHD. This means they also experience both kinds of symptoms. This includes outbursts, being easily distracted, and a tendency to mumble under their breath.

How is ADHD diagnosed?

Trained counsellors work with psychiatrists, psychologists, teachers, and other professionals in order to ensure they issue the appropriate diagnosis. During the assessment, the psychologist may initially ask the patient to fill out a series of behavioural questionnaires, followed by in-depth interviews with both the individual themselves and the people who know them best, such as their parents, friends, spouses, or teachers. After analyzing the results of these questionnaires and interviews, psychiatric and counselling professionals may determine that the patient has met the criteria for an ADHD diagnosis.

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Signs of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Easily Distracted

Those with ADHD may find themselves being easily distracted by nearby conversations, different sounds, visuals, movements, and other external or internal stimuli.


From forgetting important deadlines to misplacing their keys, people with ADHD are considerably more forgetful than the average individual.

Interrupts Others

Individuals with ADHD may sometimes impulsively interrupt others by blurting out responses and/or finishing others’ sentences for them.


From fidgeting and tapping, to an inability to stay still, people with ADHD often experience feelings of restlessness and an urge to move.

Poor Time Management

Due to their tendency to procrastinate, those with ADHD are more prone to miss important deadlines, meetings, etc.

Inattention to Detail

Because of the nature of the disorder, people with ADHD may find themselves struggling with picking up on finer details.

Disruptive Behaviour

Children, teenagers and adults with hyperactivity may be seen as disruptivein their place of school or work.

Emotional Outburst

Both, Children and adults with ADHD experience emotional outbursts due to the difficulties associated to the condition.

ADHD Therapists

Diana Izard

Diana Izard

RSW (Adults Only)
$190-200 per hour
Diana supports children, youths, families and individuals with anxiety, stress, burn out, developmental disabilities, ASD, eating disorders, relationship problems, ADHD, self-esteem and more.
Jaimee Grossklaus

Jaimee Grossklaus

Provisional Psychologist
$200 per hour
Jaimee works with adults who live with anxiety, trauma (PTSD), depression, stress, poor self-esteem and confidence, work concerns, chronic health concerns, and brain injuries.
Joshua Woelfle

Joshua Woelfle

Registered Psychologist
$200 per hour
Joshua works with adults and teenagers living with PTSD, ADHD, mood disorders, stress, suicidal ideation, grief and loss, phobias, OCD, addictions, and relationship issues.
Katie Tompkins

Katie Tompkins

$170 per hour
Katie works with children, youths, and adults to overcome a variety of challenges including anxiety, depression, trauma, workplace issues, self-esteem, and relationship challenges.
Shaheena Kassam

Shaheena Kassam

Registered Psychologist
$200 per hour
Shaheena offers assessments and counselling for children, youths, and their families to help them with anxiety, depression, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other behavioural or social challenges.
Steve Slopek

Steve Slopek

Registered Psychologist
$220 per hour
Steve provides counselling for individuals living with trauma, anxiety, substance issues, relationships issues & more; as well as, assessments to diagnose ADHD and autism.

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