$180 per hour

Tracy Firth

provisional psychologist, ccc
virtual and in-person

Tracy is a Registered Provisional Psychologist who became a therapist because she thrives on tuning in and connecting with others. She is passionate about it. You will find her intently listening to your story while she formulate ideas about how to dig deeper, helping you unearth insight and opportunities for growth.

Her goal as your therapist is to help you untangle and create awareness around how behaviour patterns are intimately connected to thoughts and emotions, as well as past experience. Tracy will help you look at your situation in a new light and treat yourself with more compassion.

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How Can Tracy Help?

Anxiety and Depression

Almost everyone will suffer from depression, anxiety, or both at some point in their lives. Whether situational or chronic, Tracy has the training and skills to help you manage unhelpful thinking styles, regulate your emotions, and heal from past trauma.

Work-Life Balance

Chronic stress can lead to a host of emotional and physical health problems, as well as stop you from achieving your goals. Tracy can help you identify what's important, set boundaries, and let go of what no longer serves you.

Self-Confidence and Personal Development:

There are many things that stand in the way of having a healthy level of self confidence. If you are tired of comparing yourself to others, exhibit perfectionistic behaviour, or have difficulty with feeling "good enough", Tracy can help.

Couples Counselling*

*Not Accepting New Clients For Couples Counselling

The two most common issues faced by couples are communication and connection. With training in the Gottman Method, Tracy is able to help you create and maintain a respectful and loving connection with your partner. All couples receive a “Relationship Checkup” outlining the strengths and weaknesses in the relationship, along with solutions practiced in session.

Youths Counselling

Youth are facing more social and academic pressure than ever before. With almost 13 years of experience working in schools, Tracy connects well with teenagers, and has the skills to help them manage school stress and anxiety, as well as set healthy boundaries with within their peer groups and relationships.

Tracy's Approaches

Using a general strengths-based approach, Tracy helps clients build on the things they are already good at, and draw from past experience and success to find solutions to their problems. Tracy primarily uses CBT techniques to help clients recognize unhelpful ways of thinking, and the patterns of behaviour that keep them stuck. By teaching clients how to adopt a more balanced perspective, and treat themselves with more compassion, Tracy can help them move forward in healthier ways. With additional training in DBT, Tracy helps clients develop mindfulness, and distress tolerance skills to help with emotional regulation problems such as anger, suicidal ideation, and self- harming behaviours. Tracy is also trained in Motivational Interviewing techniques designed to help clients change circumstances that no longer serve them, and develop new, healthier ways of being.

  • Motivational interviewing (MI)
    Cognitive Processing Therapy for Trauma
    Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)
    The Gottman Method
  • Strength Based Training
    Trauma-Informed Training
    Suicide Prevention Training
    Distress Center Training

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