• Children’s Therapy and Assessment

    Children’s Therapy and Assessment

    At Grit we have a team of professionals who specialize in children’s therapy and counselling. Some of the common issues we treat are:

    • Parents and Children Relationship Issues
    • Sibling Rivalry
    • Adoption Issues
    • Divorce and Separation
    • Peer Pressure and Peer Relationships
    • Bullying
    • Low Self-Esteem
    • ADHD
    • ASD etc.

    We also provide Psychoeducational Assessment service. A comprehensive Psychoeducational Assessment can help you to understand your children’s current level of functioning, as well as their potential level of functioning. The assessment will reflect your children’s strengths and weaknesses across many areas of functioning such as intelligence, memory and learning, attention and concentration, planning and executive functioning, and listening comprehensions etc., so that strategies and accommodations can be individualized and recommended to your children’s school to meet their specific needs.